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This was in my mailbox when I got to work yesterday morning. I LOVE IT! Thanks Aiyana. You made my day! And I’m so glad you came to sewing camp. You did a great job!!!!

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Thank-you-clipart-2-2Today I just want to say once again THANK YOU to everyone who has made The Studio a success.  When I first asked a handful of women to meet with me so I could bounce some ideas off of them about what I had in mind I never envisioned that it would be all of this.  I just thought a teaching  studio would be a great idea.

What I didn’t realize, and I don’t think anyone did, is that it  has turned into a gathering place for friends.  So  many new  friendships have come from  people meeting at various classes…or by getting to know different instructors.  We have created together, traveled together, learned together…and so much more!

So, thank you again for making my vision so much bigger than any of us could have imagined!

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