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Take-Home Kits for Kids are available at The Studio….and they are very affordable if you have several kids who wish to paint. Check out the first one today……GNOMES! Order today and pick-up so your kids can begin painting right away. Click here to order…. and don’t forget to pick up a Supply Kit if you need some good paints and brushes.

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We have added two more Take-Home Kits from The Studio. These two are available with sketched canvas and written instructions. (No video on these two.) These are great images that anyone can do. Just follow along the directions and it will guide you to an amazing painting. Order today. Click here to see all the kits available for pick-up at The Studio or to be shipped to your home. Thanks!

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We are so excited (and a little apprehensive) to offer the first Take-Home Kits from The Studio. We have made it as user friendly as possible. You have an option to purchase a kit with a pre-sketched canvas and written directions for pick-up at The Studio or to be mailed. Or you can upgrade to get that kit along with access to a video where you can follow along with Kelly as she paints the image, you can stop it, rewind….and you may even see Lincoln in it! We have even offered these with 2 or 3 canvases if you want to get family or friends to come over and paint with you.

The written directions will include a list of all the supplies you will need to create the painting along with step by step directions with color mixing instructions. We have two videos and instruction sets ready today and we are adding more each day. We will have some kits soon that will be available with just the written instructions….and some that will be geared toward kids….although any of these will be fine for all ages.

If you choose the pick-up at The Studio option you can come by on Wednesdays from 10-Noon or 3:30-7; Thursday from 1:30-3:30; or Friday from 9 – 1. There will be other times we will be there too…..any time that we have an event at The Studio or just let Kelly know what time is good for you and she will meet you there.

We will also have Supply Kits available if you want to use the same supplies that Kelly uses at The Studio for Paint Parties. We encourage you to use the best supplies possible if you want great results. Use tube paint….not bottled craft paint if you want it to look the best.

We have tried to make options that will work for everyone and hope you will give these a try and continue to support The Studio during this crazy time of Pandemic. We want to be here when the dust clears and we think this is a way for us to do that. So take a look at what’s available. Check back often….and tell your friends. Here is the link to take you to the Studio Store.

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