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Candy Pot boiling




 Last weekend as I was cleaning out a cabinet I came across a bottle of homemade cane syrup that I had received for Christmas.  It made me think of the old-time candy that Big Mama used to make for us.  So I gave it a try.


Big Mama’s Cane Syrup Hard Candy


 2 cups Georgia cane syrup


2 cups light corn syrup


1 tablespoon vinegar


2 tablespoon butter


Candy cooling


 Cook ingredients over medium high heat to a hard crack stage.  (Cook to hard boil stage for chewy candy). Pour into buttered pan to cool.  When cool enough to handle pull until light color.  Cut with scissors into small pieces.

Cut and Ready to Eat

Cut and Ready to Eat

This candy has a distinct taste.  It makes a nice hard candy but you can also cook it a little less time and then when it gets cool enough to handle you can pull it into a nice taffy candy.  You do have to work with it pretty hot to get it to work so be prepared for your hands to hurt a little.  But it’s worth it.  Enjoy.

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