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As I posted a few weeks ago, click here to see more, I have been working on Hunter Orange sweaters for my boys to wear when we go to the cabin during hunting season.  They love to run and play and I want to be sure they are well seen. 

Here they are modeling their new looks. 

And here they are arguing over who wears it the best!

And Lincoln with an expression on his face like “Why me?”

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I have been working on sweaters for the boys to wear out at the cabin during hunting season.  I worry about them running loose there with all the hunters around.  Last year I put an orange t-shirt on Jed thinking that would work and he came back about 30 minutes later without it.  I never did find that shirt.

So this year I am making crocheted sweaters that fit tight enough that they can’t pull them off.  Here is Lincoln modeling his Hunter Orange sweater. 

And here is Jed in a teal one that I made first as a prototype.  I had to play with the pattern to make it fit my long and low dogs.  Now on to make an orange one for Jedder Bean!  (Although he looks so handsome in Teal!)

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