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Every year about this time, between Christmas and New Year, Allen and I take a few days off and get away. This year, because of Covid-19 restrictions, we had to change part of our plans so we ended up staying in Virginia and exploring The Northern Neck. Why I haven’t ever come to visit this area before I don’t know but I am really glad we did. It’s a beautiful area with loads of history. We drove through a winter wonderland…several stretches of road that was so beautiful with snow hanging in the trees…the photo just doesn’t do it justice. And we arrived at the Tide’s Inn, a beautiful old resort, just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Then yesterday we went out exploring, driving all around the area and stopping to see historical sites. We found some that were closed due to Covid and some because of the holidays. We really wanted to see Stratford Hall, the home of the Lees of Virginia, after reading about it for years and when we arrived the gate was closed with cones blocking it…closed for the holidays. But one gate on the exit side was open and we may or may not drove in to see it anyway. LOL! We did see the amazing structure, so symmetrical in appearance. I do wish it had been open so we could have gone on a tour but that will have to be for another time…but at least we drove onto the grounds and got a look. As a history major, I am appalled that we are trying to rewrite history instead of learning from it. I hope that tours and lectures about the true history of our country continue and that we don’t rewrite it to appease some politically correct notion of what we should be. Our country has plenty of chapters that aren’t what they should have been but it still happened and rather than cover it up or delete it from history we need to remember it, learn from it and not repeat it.

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