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20191125_071543.jpgLots of laughs and fun as we sewed these beautiful Christmas & Dog Rag Quilts yesterday.  They are great!  I know you all will enjoy these for a long, long time.  Watch for another Rag Quilt class coming up in January.  Think SNOWMAN!

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Rag Quilts

20181014_170821.jpgWe had a Beginning Rag Quilt class yesterday.  And they look GREAT!

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More Rag Quilts

Rag Quilts Feb 2018 2We had a terrific Rag Quilt Workshop on Sunday.  Can you believe we do this in just 4 hours???!!!!  They look terrific and we have 6 new rag quilters ready to sew more.  You can click here to register for the next Beginning Rag Quilt Class on Sunday, March 25th.  Or if you are ready for something beyond the beginning class, click here for the Flower Rag Quilt Class on Sunday, March 18th.

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One of the most FUN ways to learn to sew is to make a Rag Quilt….which is just what we did at The Studio yesterday afternoon.  Just sewing straight lines has never been so cool!!!  Look at what you can make even if you have NEVER used a machine before.  We can help you be so creative.  Why not give it a try?  We have another class coming up on Sunday, February 25th.  And the best part is you don’t have to bring anything…just show up and we’ll have it all ready to go for you.  Click here to register.

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Busy Day!

Busy day at The Studio making quilts and painting flowers!

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New Rag Quilts



Here are two new rag quilts that I made in the last month.  I love the color combinations.

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