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One of the things I enjoyed seeing most at the PGA practice rounds at Quail Hollow this week was the large number of young people there.  And many of them were asking for autographs that most of the players were happy to give them.  There were a few who were “too busy or self-important” to oblige these fans (and shame on them) but the majority of the ones I saw took time out to sign hats, programs, flags, etc. for several minutes while moving from green to tee and especially coming off of the 18th Green where many fans waited for them.  And when they did it made the day of the fan.  What a tremendous way to promote the sport with these young people.  We spoke with Luke Shenigo (age 12) who came all the way from Akron, OH with his family to watch some golf and meet his favorite golfers.  He was very proud of the amazing autographs he got and said they were very nice while signing his flag. This is a piece of “art” he will hang on his wall for years to come.


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We’re at Quail Hollow at the 2017 PGA Championship watching a few practice rounds of golf.

It was beautiful yesterday even though it was rainy.  That didn’t stop the players from practicing or the spectators from watching.  PGA7Hoping today to get a little better photos if the rain stops….probably no sunshine but just having less rain will help.

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