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Lisa Paints Cute Duo

At the Pet Portrait session last weekend Lisa painted this adorable painting of her friend’s little boy with his new puppy. What a wonderful gift! Nice work Lisa!

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Always my favorite….Pet Portraits! Some real beauties created yesterday. Join us for the next session on Saturday, July 17th at 1 pm. Click here for more information and to register.

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20181221_133350.jpgI’ve been working on some commissions the last few days. I can’t show some of them because they are gifts for Christmas so I’ll show them next week.  But this is Tuck and his dad knows all about this painting so I feel like it’s ok to show him.  He’s a cutie.  He stopped by to visit a few weeks ago and he was as adorable as his photo.  I love doing Pet Portraits!

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I love to crochet, especially in the fall and winter when the weather turns cool.  It always reminds me of my grandmothers (Granny and Big Mama)  who both  crocheted and who taught me how.

I have been working on a line of toys for the shop and they are turning out so cute. 

A puppy, a monkey, and a kitty…

 A bunny, a bear, a dinosaur….

 A better view of the dinosaur and a giraffe.

Several sold at the festival on Saturday but they are so much fun to make I’ll get busy and see what else I can come up with soon.  🙂

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