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I think we should always be in a learning mode….trying to learn and improve on skills we have. To do that I attempt to go to a class or workshop every year or so….but when Covid hit it shut down everything last year so classes and workshops were postponed. Luckily, a few instructors offered online workshops and I just completed one with Duane Keiser. He is the first to really create a “painting a day” website and when I discovered it many years ago I knew that is what I was….a daily painter. So I was really excited to be able to take a workshop with him. It consisted of an instructional video and then 4 Zoom meetings with Duane and about 70 other artists from around the world. We ended with a Painting a Day challenge where we created a work each day in the Premier Coup style….painting the entire painting in one session. The ones above are most of the ones I did for this project. Some were done in a few hours…others in just a few minutes because that is all the time I had. The other element of the exercise was to set them aside and not critique or work on them again until the 30 day challenge ended. Some I am happy with; others I will go back in and work some details. As with most workshops I have taken over the years I learned something new. I hope to always be learning!

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