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What a great night of painting at Capon Springs and Farms for the beginning of our 6th Art Retreat. We LOVE it here! And everyone loves painting at Capon. Last night we had 13 painters give the Fall Barn a whirl. We had to take a break for BINGO. (I won jam!) And then some brave painters came back and finished their paintings while others will finish this morning. It’s a great day when you paint until 11 at night!!!!

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The very first Paint Party ever at Capon Springs was a HUGE success!  The painters were terrific and did a fabulous job creating a beautiful work of art featuring the Band Stand at the Resort.

Capon Springs is an all inclusive family mountain resort …. and while it is only about 32 miles from Front Royal it seems a really long way away.  It’s like going back in time.  I told my friend who went last night to help with the Paint Party that it is “32 miles and 6 decades away”!  It’s wonderful.  You can learn more about it here.  We had a grand time enjoying dinner there before the Paint Party.  It was delightful to see all these multi-generational families sitting together passes plates and bowls of food around the table and having conversations while dining.  I am thrilled that Jonathan, one of the owners of this gem, has invited me to come back and teach again.

I’ll be back for another Paint Party and we will also be offering a multi disciplined Art Week in the Fall.  Stay tuned for more info soon.  You will definitely want to plan to go for a few days.

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