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selfie-5It was nine years ago today that I posted my first entry on “Life of a Daily Painter” blog.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  NINE YEARS!
I started blogging as a way to share the daily paintings that I was creating and to hopefully sell some as I try to make a living as an artist.  But after a year or so the blog developed into more.  As I started teaching more I would share the work of my students.  They enjoy seeing their work and hearing your comments on what they are doing.

And now that we have The Studio – A Place for Learning (a creative teaching co-op) I am sharing the creativity of others who take all sorts of classes there.

Huge Student ClassAnd in the midst of all the posts about art and creating  I have shared stories about my dogs (here is one of my favorite about Truman) , some painting tips, museum travel suggestions (here is one that features the “French” Lincoln),  recipes, crochet patterns and memories of my family.

Rice Tire 1234Now with Facebook many others have discovered the blog and started following too.  Many of you have followed from the beginning and others found me along the way.  I am so grateful to you all for that.

Each morning the first thing I do is sit down to write a post and share a photo.  It’s become a habit that I enjoy.  Thanks for following along.  I hope you will continue visiting with me here.

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