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We took a little trip yesterday to pay our respects to James and Dolly Madison at Montpelier, the Madison home. It’s a short drive from Front Royal and an amazing place full of history. The foundation has done a beautiful job restoring and recovering the history of the time. “Via interpretation, research, and civic education, Montpelier engages the public with Madison’s most powerful idea: government by the people.” It’s worth a visit. (Click here to see the visit I made there 4 years ago.)

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I visited Montpelier yesterday.  It was a terrific day trip to learn more about how James and Dolley Madison lived.  It was really interesting and very well done.  While they didn’t allow photography inside the mansion there was plenty of wonderful things to take pictures of outside.

And of course, while there I had to pay my respects to the author of our Constitution at the family cemetery.   Montpelier is near Orange, Virginia and if you are ever in the area it is worth the time.  Click here for more info.

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