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BDS Spot Lamp

Spot Lamp

I was asked why we stopped in Roanoke on the trip back from ConGT last weekend.  (Read about ConGT here.)  We were looking for a place to stop where we could do something fun that was on the way home.  Carolyn and Jen suggested Black Dog Salvage.  They watch Salvage Dogs, a DIY TV show that specializes in reclaiming items and repurposing them.  We went to  their warehouse.  It was AMAZING!  Check their website out here.

BDS Cake Lamp

Cake Cover Lamp

We met some of the guys and gals from the show and we  met their Black Dog, Sally, who  is an old girl getting ready to retire and her replacement, Maggie May.  I know you can’t believe I didn’t get a  photo of them but I was too busy petting them.  🙂   I did make a couple of purchases.  I got a really cool pair of lamps with spot lights that will work great a The Studio to help shed light in some areas that get a little dark at night.  I also found  a cool “Cake Cover” lamp that was just too cute to leave behind.

If you ever get to Roanoke…or better yet make a special trip there just to go to Black Dog Salvage.  It’s worth it!

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