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This has been the longest break I have ever taken from the Life of a Daily Painter blog. I had knee replacement 12 days ago and this one was a little tougher than the one I had four years ago on the other knee. But I’m up and going. Heading back to class this morning and hoping that I have the stamina to get through it. I know that slow and easy wins this race but when you are self-employed you don’t get the luxury of going too slow. So wish me luck as I head back to work. Lincoln has to sit today out which will not make him happy but he’ll be able to join me soon. Thanks for all the well wishes. It’s not pretty but I’m getting there!!!

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MakoplastyI’ve missed a blog post or two and been a little slow in reacting to messages because I had knee surgery on Tuesday.  Arthritis in my knees is so bad that I finally couldn’t function any longer without getting it fixed.  Because of my age (young by arthritis standards) and because I really only needed the outer side (lateral) repaired, I opted for a type of surgery called Makoplasty.  My reasoning was mainly because the recovery time is suppose to be cut almost in half which appealed to me as a small business owner because I had a lot of anxiety over closing my Studio for a long period of time.  (Read more about Makoplasty here.)

The surgery went well on Tuesday (Day 1) and I was even allowed to come home that afternoon.  That night and evening was difficult with LOTS of pain.  I’m not sure that would have been the experie)ce of all patients but I have an unusually high tolerance to pain medications and most doctors don’t believe this when you tell them even though I have records from previous docs that indicate it and so they started me out on a regular dose of meds.  To make a really long story short things got better when I started taking what I knew I needed instead of what they prescribed. So Day 2 I finally got some relief and sleep.

Day 3, yesterday, I started Physical Therapy and I have  regular schedule of therapy to  keep for a few weeks but I am planning to be back to work at The Studio in two weeks.

In the meantime I will continue to share with you art that I am working on, or from The Studio or other interesting tidbits that I find.  And for all my students and friends who have sent well wishes, they mean so much more to me than I could ever express.  Thank you all!!!

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