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For some time now I have been addicted to a blog that I read everyday called “Chickens in the Road”.  It’s by a marvelous writer turned farmer about her experiences on a farm in West Virginia.  Her photographs are wonderful.  She has lots of animals and many adventures that she writes about in a way that makes you want to come back and read more.  Be sure to take a look at www.chickensintheroad.com .  (And notice that her blog is listed in my favorites links on the right column of my blog so you can click everyday and look at it from here.  I just love the internet!)  

Because of her terrific photos, I have been wanting to do a series of farm animals and Suzanne McMinn, aka Chickens in the Road lady, gave me permission to use some of her photos as reference for my paintings.  So over the next few weeks I’ll be posting the Farm Animal series based on her animals.  

One of my favorite animals that she talks about is Jack.  Meet Jack.  

Photo courtesy of Suzanne McMinn


My version of Jack is an oil on canvas panel measuring 6″x8″.    How can you not love that face????!!!!!  SOLD.

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