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grand open Today is the 6th Anniversary of The Studio-A Place for Learning on Main Street in Front Royal.  And while we have been in this location for 14 very good years (as Delilah’s Art & Gifts before The Studio) this year has been a wonderment. We started off the year in January and February with the best two opening months we have ever had and then the governor closed us down.  I love The Studio and what I do.  I love that people discover their creative sides here and come here for a much needed outlet for stress and frustration.  But in the light of everything happening  with the pandemic I wonder if we will see the 7th Anniversary.  It’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when people are fearful to attend classes.  The income is slim but the bills keep rolling in.  How long can we keep it up?!  And when I say “we” I speak for other very small businesses like mine that are experiencing the same problems.  We are not looking for handouts….we are looking to continue to make our livings!  Business owners are trying to come together to promote and support one another but some of what is being done supports one type of business over another. I don’t think it’s intentional…it just is that way and it’s not a good situation.  We don’t want to see any business fail….ever!  I encourage everyone reading this, no matter where  you are, to try to make an effort this week to support a small business or two. It doesn’t have to be a huge purchase.  But just having someone come in and show support will do so much to boost the spirits of a small business owner that is beginning to lose hope.  We have already lost three businesses on Main Street and if we lose more we will only have service businesses (law offices, non-profits, and real estate) along with restaurants on Main.  It would be a shame not to have actual shops on Main Street.  Having said all of that, let me say how much I have appreciated the support and friendship of so many who have come to The Studio over the past 6 years.  And I truly hope that next year we can have a big Anniversary party with another round of “Make and Take” projects for everyone.  In the meantime take a look here and here at some of the past celebrations!  And thanks again!!!

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