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Gracie from MemphisI always love it so much when someone I have painted a commission for in the past contacts me to work for them again.  This year I heard from Sam from Memphis who I had painted two of his dogs for before and he needed a portrait of Gracie….a rescue they had recently lost.  Here is what he told me about her:  “As I know you like some background on the dogs you paint here is Gracie’s story. We found her. Late one night Charlotte thought she saw a coyote, but it ran away quick. The next morning our next door neighbor called to tell us there was a dying dog on their porch, I don’t know if the coyote and Gracie were the same animal or not, but believe so. Well this dog wouldn’t let anyone get near her but me…..and only because I got on my belly to crawl up to her. I took her to the vet where we found out that she was near starving to death. We took her home and nursed her back to health, never thinking we would keep her as we had 2 dogs already.  Charlotte named her Gracie, saying that all but the grace of me that she would be dead.  Well it turns out that we found a girl that wanted her, with two small kids. She needed surgery, she was pregnant and had a ruptured spleen, either from abuse or a car, and the vet said she had to remain quiet for 6 weeks, which meant she couldn’t go to the home with kids, and would have to say with us for 6 weeks. You guessed it. After 6 weeks we Graciecouldn’t give her up. Maggie, the blonde lab died a year or so later. Hawthorne died 4 or 5 years later.  So Gracie was queen of the roost by herself for the next 10 years….she lived to be 16.  She was a pretty mellow dog. Always wanted to be in the same room as us, or if we were outside she wanted to be outside. Was as sweet a dog as you ever want to meet, but wasn’t really affectionate. I bet in 16 years she only licked me 2 or 3 times. Very well behaved and socialized. Can’t remember her getting into trouble……unlike Hawthorne who was constantly in trouble.  She too wore a colorful color like all our dogs, but she had so much hair you can’t see it.  Well hopefully this gives you some idea of her personality.”

Then yesterday I got this nice email from Sam…”We love it!!!! Charlotte cried. She thought you captured her likeness very well. And the red is great. We will hang it tomorrow and I will send a picture. Thanks again so much. ”

I love a happy ending!

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