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Yesterday morning was my last day at Capon Springs for the Spring Art Retreat.  We had a terrific time creating beautiful art.  Many people got to try painting for the first time and some rediscovered an old love.  It’s fun for me to watch people discover their artistic side.  The other wonderful thing about Capon are the many traditions that they have.  The place runs like clockwork.  Meals served at a certain time; the same menu week after week.  It’s like visiting an old friend.  You know what to expect and it’s a very satisfying feeling.  Capon FlagIt’s also nice to see the staff taking time to help everyone build memories…especially the kids.  They clamor to help….especially with the traditional things like raising the flag.  These two kids will long remember assisting Jonathan raise the flag while we all looked on and sang the National Anthem.  It’s my favorite part of each morning at Capon Springs and Farm.

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A few more photos from the trip to Capon Springs.  Here is the spring house.  The sign above the door says, “Capon Springs – called by local Indian tribes Cape-Cape-pe-pon (the healing waters) rises through 1600 feet of rock, the last 300 feet being sandstone-a natural filter.  The flow-100 gallons a minute – has been undiminished for centuries.  It’s origin unknown.” 

Wednesday night after Bingo they served a homemade pizza snack.  Yum.  It was made in their huge brick oven where they also make tons of bread which they serve at all meals.  Every morning at 8:30 the flag is raised in a ceremony and the National Anthem is sung proudly by all who attend.  Traditions are alive and well at Capon Springs.  It is such a beautiful place.

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