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SAMSUNGThis painting of Day Lilies was a birthday gift for Allen several years ago.  They are his favorite so they are a repeated theme in the art at our house.

SAMSUNGThe Day Lily appears in this smaller painting hanging in the kitchen.

I try to paint things that people like.  For instance, the day lilies for Allen and pet portraits for pet lovers and for me.  These are the things I like so it makes it easy to hang my work and enjoy it.  Difficulty in painting for me comes when I attempt to paint something I don’t particularly care about.  Then the painting becomes work and when it’s not fun, it’s really hard to do.

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These elegant lilies were a paint-along that I did with one of my students a few weeks ago.  I finally completed mine last night.    Lilies, oil on canvas, 24″x12″, available by contacting kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .

Day Lilies always make me think of my mom.  They were her favorites and they are Allen’s favorites so I have painted a few over the years.  I love the way they look when they sprout up naturally out in the county by the road.  Mama had them all around the house where we grew up.  And now when I see them they always make me smile.  I miss my mom.

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Day Lilies by the Pond is an oil on canvas panel measuring 9″x12″ and is available for $165.

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