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I’m working on my scarf for the upcoming ConGT in Tennessee on March 17-19.  I am going back over to hold a few Paint Parties.  We’ll be painting the Exploding Tardis and either a Tardis or Dalek.  (Click the links to see them and register.)  But in the meantime I’ll keep working on my scarf.  (You can see Lincoln in the window.  He is a little bored with how long it’s taking.  LOL)

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20160326_135959-1.jpgYesterday we saw images from ConGT in Clarksville, TN where Dr. Who fans came together to share their enthusiasm for the series.  We saw characters from the show and many people who stayed in character all throughout the weekend.

20160326_115841-1.jpgThere were food trucks with great food!

20160326_162049-1.jpgThere was even a wedding of two people from Washington State who had met through their love of Dr. Who and allowed the “Doctor” to marry them in front of the attendees.  And then they hopped in the Tardis and took off for their honeymoon. 20160326_162055-1-1.jpgBut best of all there was art and good friends.  

20160326_173316-1.jpgOne guy won a Tardis painting that I did as a demo at the VIP reception.  Turns out his young son is a big fan so all the better he won.

20160326_220720-1.jpg20160327_123343.jpgAnd seeing friends from two different states get to know one another was just so much fun for me along with getting to spend time with them all.  It was a terrific weekend!







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Scenes from ConGT

ConGT Hotel SignConGT Dalik JenConGT Meeting RoomWe left Clarksville yesterday to start back home from ConGT.  We had a great time.  It’s hard to explain exactly what it’s all about if you don’t watch Dr. Who but it’s a fun show with really fun fans….as you will see.

This is Jen with a Dalek, a character from the show that is evil.  And Jen is the reason I am involved in this thing at all because she is the one who asked me to have a Dr. Who Paint Party several years ago.  Thanks Jen!!!

There was a big crowd for many of the different meetings.  And while it was all for the fun of “Whovians” there was a good cause too.  They were raising money for the Clarksville Humane Society.  WooHoo.  ConGT Dalik Deb KelMy friend Debbie came to the convention with me to help with the paint parties and we had our photo made with the Humane Society mascot.

ConGT Kids CostumesThere was a costume contest  and even one for the kids.  The Kids costumes were amazing…and I loved that the parents and kids worked together to make these wonderful garbs.  Great work.


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Tardis Paint Party.jpgWe had a large and enthusiastic group painting last night at ConGT in Clarksville, TN.  Of course, we painted Van Gogh’s Starry Night with the Tardis rolling in.  Terrific.  Everyone did an AWESOME job.  What a great souvenir from the con.

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On the Road 11 On the Road 12We’ve moved The Studio temporarily to Clarksville, TN to participate in ConGT – a Dr. Who Convention.  A long-time friend is coordinating the event and invited me to participate by teaching.  FUN!  So here’s the new look for The Studio for the next few days.  What do you think?

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