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Lincoln and Charlotte


Back in May I shared a post about Lincoln and Charlotte.  You can see it here.  Lincoln loves her and it brightens his day when he gets to see her.  Last night she came to art class with her mom and she wanted to paint a portrait of Lincoln.  She sketched him and then went to work painting.  She captured him beautifully.  It’s so much fun to see the two of them together.  Super sweet!

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20190510_063923.jpgEver since we lost Jed about 6 weeks ago, Lincoln has been going to work with me at The Studio.  Lincoln is 10 years old and had never been alone so the transition to being an only  dog has been difficult for him.  The depression has been horrible.  But he does perk up on Wednesdays when he goes to class.  He likes the ladies at the morning adult class and he especially enjoys all the attention he gets at the afternoon kid’s class but he just waits for the evening adult class.

When my student, Lauren, arrives she often has with her Charlotte, her little girl, who comes in to wait for her dad to pick her up.  And Charlotte LOVES Lincoln and the feeling is mutual.  She gets right down on his level and pets and hugs him and he adores it….and her.  It’s the happiest he is all week.  This week she drew a sketch of Lincoln.  It’s my new favorite thing!!!!

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