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LuLu in the Cat Cave


Here is LuLu showing how the Cat Cave works.  She likes it! If you want a Cat Cave for your kitty contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to order.  The range in price from $35-50 based on yarn and size. See more photos here.


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Another Cat Cave

Cat CaveJust finished up a Cat Cave that is heading to Nashville.  Cats love them!  Click here to see others.

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Cat Cave Revisited

I worked up another “Cat Cave” recently for a friend’s cats.  I was using up some end pieces of skeins of yarn.  That is why it is multi-colored.   (See the first one I made here.)

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Kitty CozyI crocheted all day yesterday as we were in the midst of a snow storm so there was no going out to work and I just couldn’t get in the mood to paint.  When it’s so cold like it is now I just want to crochet and watch old movies.

I was looking at Pinterest yesterday morning and saw a similar “cat cave” and thought I would try to make one for Allen’s kitty.  I will try to get a pattern written out soon for anyone who wants to try to make one for their cat.  Since I don’t have a cat I used a dog carving in the photo to demonstrate what it would be like.  🙂

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