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You may know that we offer Kid’s Art Class every Wednesday from 4:15-5:15 for ages 7-13 but did you know that we offer private lessons for younger kids.  Here is Marie with her little painting of her pup that she did in two lessons with us.  And Sophia and brother Joey did these lovely barn paintings this week at their lesson.  Kids love creating beautiful art.  Do you have a young painter who might like to paint with us?  Send us a message and we’ll get started.  kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com

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Meet Champ!

ChampThis is Champ.  Champ’s mom commissioned this painting for his dad for Christmas.  And while Champ isn’t with us any longer so many people knew him as he went to work with them everyday.  Several times while I was working on the commission at The Studio people came in and said, “Hey, is that Champ?”  He was famous.

The family is into Nascar  so we wanted to get the checkered flag motif in the painting too.  I forgot to take a photo of the painting before he was picked up so they sent this one to me yesterday to share.  I was so glad to hear that everyone loved it.

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Meet Gus


The kids class painted Gus yesterday in class. Gus belongs to Maggie’s (pictured in the middle) Aunt Courtney. He made a great subject for our painting. Thanks Maggie and Gus!

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