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A Milestone – # 2000!


BeFunky_Saturday's View 3.jpg1958093_10201771087454021_1860823265_n2014-10-16 12 58 30Wow!  I could never have imagined when I started “Life of a Daily Painter” blog in February 2008 that I would still be blogging today….and that I would ever post 2000 times!

I started blogging as a way to share the daily paintings that I was creating and to hopefully sell some as I try to make a living as an artist.  But after a year or so the blog developed into more.

Studio with New Sign Left 1As I started teaching more I would share the work of my students.  They enjoy seeing their work and hearing your comments on what they are doing.

And I when my shop, Delilah’s converted to an artist’s co-op, I started sharing more of the other kinds of art and crafts that I was doing like crochet and jewelry.  And now that the shop has once again transformed to The Studio – A Place for Learning (a creative teaching co-op) I am sharing the creativity of others who take all sorts of classes there.

LFK Kelly demos 3And all the while the blog has been intermingled with stories about my dogs (here is one of my favorite about Truman) , some painting tips, museum travel suggestions (here is one that features the “French” Lincoln),  recipes, and crochet patterns.

And all the while many of you have continued to follow me from the beginning and others found me along the way.  I am so grateful to you all for that.

The blog has become an old friend…one that I visit with every morning for a few minutes.  Thanks for following along.  I hope you will continue visiting with me here too!

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The first painting posted on my blog over 5 years ago.

One of the first of two paintings posted on my blog’s beginning day over 5 years ago.

Today I hit a milestone.  On February 18, 2008, I started writing the “Life of a Daily Painter” blog.  Today marks the 1500th post.  In the beginning I tried to paint something different every day and share that on the blog.  The first year I posted over 300 new paintings.  As the blog developed I started to share paintings by my students.  This became a favorite feature.  Everyone loved seeing what the art students, both young artists and seasoned ones, were creating.

The second of two paintings shown on my first blog posting in February 2008.

The second of two paintings shown on my first blog posting in February 2008.

Lately I have also been sharing information on art travel.  When I am fortunate enough to get to see exciting exhibits and museums I try to bring that to my readers.  And during all this I have continued to share my paintings as well.  It has been a really fun experience.  And many thanks to all of you for following my blog and sharing it with your friends and family.

I really appreciate the support and encouragement!

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Found Link

I may have found a place that has many of my paintings archived from my blog.  I was a member of Daily Art Painters.com for a time and they have a listing of my work from that time.  If you click the link below you can see some of my previous work.  Not sure how long the link will last but hopefully for a time.  I have just been sick about losing all my work from my previous blog.  Still don’t know how it happened….but it did!

Daily Paintings by Kelly Walker | Painting A Day Artist | Landscape & Still Life Modern Art Paintings For Sale

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A New Blog

Kelly (Small)Here I am setting up a new blog because Blogger just removed me from theirs.  I still don’t know why or even if I will ever get all my work back and I am just sick about it.  But I have decided that I need to get a new blog up and running so I can post my work so here I am.  Please note the new address – www.kellywalkerstudios.wordpress.com .  So I thought that a photo hanging a show would be a good way to start.  Tomorrow there will be more new paintings.  Thanks for being so patient while I try to get this set up.  I sure hope that I don’t lose all of this work.

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