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20190530_061536.jpgThe kids painted these beautiful bird nests yesterday at class.  Very good work!

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Last month while I was staining the deck out back I noticed a waterlogged bird nest in a tree limb that overhangs there.  Then the heavy winds and days of rain came and I didn’t think anything else about it because I didn’t figure anything could be in it.  This morning while out back with Lincoln I looked up and saw these two little faces looking out.  They didn’t move at all but there little heads were just right above the nest.  Guess mom is off finding them a worm.  She must be terribly persistent to make that little home work.

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Kids paint Bird's Nests

Kids paint Bird’s Nests

In the Kid’s Painting class this past Wednesday we painted Bird Nests.  Nice job girls!

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Robin's Eggs in Bird Nest

Robin’s Eggs in Bird Nest

Today we are introducing a new feature – eBay auction for some original paintings.  From time to time we will list art on eBay and it starts with today’s painting of this little Robin’s Egg Bird Nest.  It’s an acrylic on 6″x6″ gallery wrap canvas.  If we get this right you can click on this link or on the photo and go to eBay to bid (or buy) this original work of art. (UPDATE on June 6:  This painting SOLD on eBay.  Thanks!)

And thanks for looking!

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