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We had a nice afternoon of painting pets yesterday…..and I forgot to take photos of all of them.  I’ve never done that.  Oops!  Here are a few.

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Talking BeagleA few days ago I posted “The Talking Beagle”, an acrylic painting that I started during art class last week.  (See that post here.)  I finished it this week.

I just love the way beagles “talk” and when I saw the photo of this little guy baying I knew it would make a great painting.

“The Talking Beagle”, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″, available for $225.

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20140926_100913Last week at my evening adult classes I started a painting.  Sometimes when I feel that everyone is on track with their paintings I will paint during the adult art classes.  On Wednesday and Thursday I worked on “The Talking Beagle”.  It is an acrylic painting on 16″x20″ canvas.   I have always loved the way Beagles “talk”-they throw their heads back and just let go!  I love it.

This painting is about 75% finished.  I still need to get in some details and the finish the face.  I am hoping to get to that during this weeks class.

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