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The Lane of Poplars

The Lane of Poplars at Moret

Born on this day in 1839 Alfred Sisley spent most of his life in France even though he was a British citizen.  He is known as the most consistent of the impressionist painters as he felt that the style suited his needs and his work concentrated mainly on  landscapes.   Learn more about Sisley here.

Flood at Port-Marly (1876)

Flood at Port-Marly (1876)

Sisley’s “The Lane of Poplars at Moret” has been stolen three times from the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Nice –  Once in 1978 when on loan in Marseille (recovered a few days later in the city’s sewers), once in 1998 (in which the museum’s curator was convicted of the theft and jailed for five years along with two accomplices) and in August 2007. On June 4, 2008, the French National Police recovered it and three other stolen paintings from inside a van in Marseilles, France. (From Wikipedia)  You can see his complete works here.

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