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50 Painting Update

More paintings have been added to the 50 Paintings @ $50 Each wall at The Studio. Many thanks to those who purchased one allowing me to replace it with a new one. We are going to try to keep 50 up at all time, available for purchase by stopping in to see them or online by clicking here. There is someone at The Studio on Wednesdays from 10-Noon and 4-7 pm; Thursdays from 1:30-3:30, and Friday from 9-1. We are also there whenever we have Paint Parties or events so if you see an event scheduled come on by and look then…or you can always reach out for an appointment. We would appreciate you looking and sharing with art lovers you know. These are all small paintings so they’ll fit into almost any space. We’ll try to put the link up from time to time as we will be adding new paintings as the ones up are purchased. We have 46 up now and hope to have four more up in the next few days. Thanks again for supporting The Studio and local artists.

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