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Apple Blossoms II is an oil on canvas panel measuring 8″x10″ and is available for $150. 

Spring is almost here!!!

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Falling Leaves I & II are acrylic on gallery wrap canvas measuring 12″x12″ and are available individually for $175 or the pair for $300.

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Crochet Frog says “Good Morning”.  Come see this and other cute baby items at Delilah’s in Front Royal.

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More from my trip to the Conservation Research Center….  I saw Red Pandas.  These rare little guys are just beautiful and so sweet looking. 

It would be hard to resist those cute little faces.  They look nothing like the pandas you normally think of at the national zoo.

I saw the Przewalski Horse, the last of the wild horses and on the red list for endangered species.  Much more info on them can be found at this National Zoo Link


I also saw some very lazy cheetahs.

They were enjoying the first bit of nice weather in awhile so they wouldn’t even get up….just laid there and swished their long tails around…three beautiful, but lazy, boys.

Then I saw a Ferret.  Look closely in the black tube.  His little head is poking out.  He’s very shy.  These guys are being reintroduced to the wild. 

And then I saw the strangest thing….Maned Wolves.  They have a fox looking face and a hyena looking back-end.  Very odd when they got up and walked around with very long legs. 


Aren’t they funny looking?  They were enjoying the sunshine that day too and were pretty lazy laying there.  But one did get up and you could see the strange legs and their funny gait.

Once again, many thanks to Jessica for inviting me.  A private tour of such a magnificent place is a rare and much appreciated opportunity.  I would hope that given the chance people will come up and see what interesting and important work the folks at the CRC are doing.  I know they have an open house in the Fall.  Make a point to go.

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One of the really cool things that  I get to do from time to time is go somewhere unusual to take photos that I might eventually paint.  Yesterday, the unusual place that I went was right here in our own backyard, Front Royal. 

I was invited by Jessica Kordell, one of the animal keepers, to the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Parks Conservation Research Center that is located right here in Front Royal to take pictures to paint. 

This text is directly from their website…

The Conservation and Research Center started primarily as a breeding center for endangered birds and mammals. Today, the black-footed ferret, Eld’s deer, and several species of Pacific island birds are being bred to maintain genetic diversity and provide reserves for highly endangered species.

The current priority for CRC’s animal collection is veterinary and reproductive research. By living in controlled environments, the birds and mammals—most of them little-known and endangered—provide ideal subjects for intensive study and the rapid acquisition of urgently needed information. Findings from these studies provide critical information for the management of captive populations and valuable insights for the conservation and management of wild populations.”

I took photos of the Clouded Leopards first.  They are beautiful.  I wish you could see them without the cage but you will get an idea from these shots.  Their feet are huge and their tails very long. 

But it is their gorgeous coloring that gives them their name….huge “clouds” of spots or markings on their bodies. 

The last photo gives you a better idea of the size of those paws.

I will share more of my photos from the CRC visit with you over the next few days.  It was such a terrific visit and many thanks to Jessica for inviting me.

Tomorrow Red Pandas!!!

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This painting was a lesson in Trees and Shadows for my young students.  They did a great job grasping the concept.  And this was how my painting turned out.

It is a 9″x12″ acrylic on canvas panel available for $145.

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 One of the great things about painting is that when you get really sick of the cold, gloomy weather outside you can go into your studio and paint something “warm”!

I found this photo that I took last summer and decided to warm up the climate by painting it. 

Summer Beach is an oil on canvas panel measuring 10″x10″ and is available for $165. 

Bring on the sunshine.

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