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I’ve been asked to chronicle the development of the painting that we did at Stringtown Rising Farm.  We were so busy painting that I didn’t always think to take a photo but here is the painting from beginning to end from the photos I do have.  I will post some close-ups tomorrow.

































































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Several years ago I heard a story on NPR about a lady who lived on a little farm in West Virginia and blogged about her life there.  At the time I was at my cabin out in the middle of nowhere with no computer service but as soon as I got back to town I checked it out online and have been following the adventures of Suzanne McMinn and www.chickensintheroad.com ever since. 

Almost every day since I heard of her I have allowed her to begin my day with a cute story about her animals, her cheesemaking or some adventure she had gotten herself into.  I love it. 

Never did I think that I would actually end up visiting Stringtown Rising Farm and see the organized chaos for myself.  But here I am, taking my own photos of Mr. Hyde.  And isn’t he a handsome fellow?

But the biggest problem so far is that I fallen in love with the two baby goats.  Have you ever seen anything so cute???  They are sold already or I am afraid that I would have had to have taken one home with me.  I’m not sure what Lincoln and Jed would have thought about it but I’m sure we could have figured something out.

The first thing we did when we got here was to make mozzarella cheese!  I love cheese and she is teaching me to make it.  We put our fresh mozzarella on the pizza Suzanne made for us with fresh made crust, herbs and tomatoes right out of the garden.  It was terrific!

And I even think the animals were thrilled that she made fresh pizza because as Suzanne picked the tomatoes for our dinner, she tossed a few over the fence for them!

Tomorrow I start painting the wall downstairs so I’ll try to take photos to show our progress.

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