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An unexpected and delightful surprise in Hamilton was the Missouri Quilt Museum located in an old multi-story school house. There were some amazing displays there from quilts to a machine collection and a miniature doll quilt collection. And the best part was the young man who was there to sell the tickets. His family runs the museum and he was a wealth of information. And he was thrilled to show us the quilt he had made. At 12 years old he is already on his way to be a terrific quilter.

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I love going to Washington DC.  The first time I went was as a child of about 10 years on a family vacation.  I fell in love with the history, the museums, everything about it and I think that was the start my love of history and the reason I majored in history in college. (Yes, history, not art.)

Yesterday, my cousin Linda,  who is visiting from Georgia, and I spent the day at the National Gallery.  There are so many wonderful exhibits there now that we couldn’t see it all. 

However, we did get to see the Gauguin:  Maker of Myths exhibit.  It was the last day and terribly crowded but worth it.  You can see more here.    We also saw the Small French Paintings exhibit which is a permanent exhibit that I’ve seen many times but I love it and always enjoy it so. 

This Boudin is an example of the beautiful paintings in that collection and you can read more that collection  here.

But the most amazing thing we saw was the Chester Dale collection.  What a stunning collection of art.  And what an interesting couple they were.  Well worth a trip to the NGA.  Go if you haven’t already.  The Dale’s left a generous endowment as well as a tremendous collection of work from impressionism to modern art to the NGA.  This huge collection is a must see.  Read more about it here

Any day spent viewing art with a good friend is a perfect day.  And when the art includes dogs ….

well, need I say more!

(This is ToulouseLautrec’s Fleche)





(Renoir’s dog)

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