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Logan’s Palette Knife

20171026_052527.jpgI am so proud of Logan.  Just look at this amazing painting she just completed using ONLY a palette knife.  AWESOME!!!  I can’t believe she is a senior this year and will be leaving us soon to go off to college.  She’s been painting with me since she was about 8.  I often tell people what a terrific student she has been.  She is one of the best color mixers I know.  Did I mention I am proud of Logan???!!!!

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WOW! The Eyes Have It

20170713_180640All I can really say is WOW!  Logan, who you’ve seen me blog about many times over the years as she has been painting with me since she was very young, has just completed this amazing painting from a photo from Chinatown.  She did an excellent job!  She is fearless and will try just about anything.  Great work Logan.  So proud of what a great painter and friend you have become!!!

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