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We made it!

We traveled from Hannibal to Hamilton Missouri….the destination that got this whole trip started. We stayed at a terrific AirBnB just one block from the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Quilt Town USA. This was the main destination of this crazy trip. Once we got to Hamilton, after stopping at 4 shops along the way that day, we took our purchases in and organized them in our totes. We figured that 5 shoppers and 9 days on the road would lead to many, many bags rolling around in the back in our van so we stored our purchases in totes to help keep it all straight. We were excited to finally be in Quilt Town USA and anxious for the shops to open and to tour the warehouse the next day.

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Our 3rd day out found us in Hannibal Missouri where we saw all things Mark Twain. The Mississippi River was big and beautiful. The town was so cute with lots of cute shops and things to see. And we found what might be our favorite quilt shop – Hickory Stick Quilt Shop. It was in an adorable old building and had the most helpful staff along with beautiful fabric. We really liked Hannibal.

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