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20160525_171017.jpgThe kids painted a lovely little flag scene in anticipation to upcoming Memorial Day.  Great job everyone!

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20151002_101022-1While we were painting the Barn with Flag a few months ago at Paint Parties (see those here and here) I started working on this one as well.  I finally had some time at Open Studio yesterday to wrap it up.

I like the image of old barns with our flag hanging proudly.

All-American Barn, acrylic, 9″x12″, available for sale.

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"Flag", oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood, 1954-55 by Jasper Johns

“Flag”, oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood, 1954-55 by Jasper Johns

Born on May 15, 1930 in Augusta Georgia, Jasper  Johns is an American contemporary artists most well-known for his painting American Flag.  You can learn more about Johns and his art by clicking here.



Kids with Johns FlagsA few years ago in art camp we studied Johns in one of our art camp sessions and the kids produced a copy of his work.  They did a super job honoring his work.

“Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it.” –Jasper Johns

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Our Flag

From Art Camp 2011

From Art Camp 2011

We celebrate our flag and our country today as the Inaugural Festivities take place in Washington. This piece of art is a mixed media piece that we did in art camp a couple of years ago.  The kids did a great job with paint and paper making these wonderful flags – an emblem to celebrate. We’ve painted flags several time with Kids Class.  Check out Olivia here with her painting of flags.    And check out more flag art from my students by clicking here.

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Two summers ago in art camp we created flags in multi-media.  The kids did a great job showing their love of country. 

Now you show yours and go VOTE!  No matter for whom you vote, just vote.  It’s important.  Thanks.

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Olivia paints flags

Olivia did a terrific job painting the flags that circle the Washington Monument.  It looks fabulous!We will painting things like this at Art Camp.  Don’t forget to sign up your young artist ages 7-13.  The first week begins next week!  See more here.

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Patriotic Garden is an acrylic painting measuring 12″x9″ and is available for $65.

This is an example of the paintings that we accomplish in our children’s art classes on Wednesdays at 4:15.  If you know of any young aspiring artist, age 8-12, let them know about our class.

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