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Since almost every small quilt shop is closed on Sunday we had to find some other places to stop along our way last Sunday. Luckily we found the adorable little town of Casey Illinois, home to 12 World’s Largest Record holders. How could we NOT stop and see them all. We saw the world’s largest Rocking Chair and World’s Largest Mailbox. There were many other large things there that were not record holders….but really BIG….like these antlers.

More of the things we saw were these World’s Largests – Pitchfork, Teetertoter, Swizzle Spoon, Barbershop Pole, Pencil, Golf Club, Mouse Trap, Key, WIndchime, Ruler as well as really big Bookworm, Token Coin, Knitting Needles, Birdcage, and Taco! If you ever get near central Illinois then Casey Illinois is a MUST stop! We had so much fun going from one large item to the next. It was a really chilly day but well worth the stop.

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