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Camellias always make me think of my Granny’s house. She had two huge bushes at each end of the front of the house and they bloomed and bloomed and bloomed. They were always so beautiful. This year our seasonal painting series is going to feature flowers. Who knows….we may end up doing more than just 1 for each season. There are just so many pretty flowers that represent each season that it may be hard to limit ourselves. We will paint this one on Saturday, January 30th at 2 pm. Come join us at The Studio by clicking here to register. If you still aren’t coming out to events we are offering this one as a Take-Home Kit with written instructions and with video. Click here to order your kit. So choose the best way for you to paint these camellias and let’s do it!

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We made a visit to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens on the Ashley yesterday.  What a beautiful place even in the overcast day.

I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be in  the bright sunshine.

It would be worth a visit during the spring.  So many old oaks and tons of camellias blooming.  Lovely!

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