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20171023_074311.jpgWe created some beautiful works of art at Shenandoah Living yesterday afternoon.  It’s a beautiful place to paint…..nice views.  Great work everyone.


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Pet Portraits!

A great day of painting pets!

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We had another Starry Night Paint Party last night and look at the beautiful paintings these painters created.  Beautiful!!!  The one painting shown without the artist is actually fondant.  A cake artist did it for a cake she is making for her mom that is featuring a sewing machine on the cake with a quilt hanging off.  The Starry Night will be the quilt.  Lovely idea.

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Last night I had the pleasure of attending a local Women’s Resource Center lecture featuring Christine Andreae, an artist and writer from our community, who gave a fascinating account of her Inanna Project.   It is amazing!  She shared her wonderful world of woodcut art  with us through a Facebook Live interview with Eka Kapiotis (you see them in the photo below) and Christine answered many questions concerning her process.  You can read about the project here.  And see each woodcut and explanation here.  Take a little time to look.  It’s extraordinary!

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Fall gets us all in the mood to paint fall scenes.  Lauren painted Pumpkin Pie and Logan painted a small pumpkin.  Marvelous!  And the kid’s class painted Geraniums.  Looking good!

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The movie, Loving Vincent, that we saw on Monday at The Avalon reminded me of some things about Vincent Van Gogh.  Here are some of his famous paintings that the movie brought to life along with some interesting facts:

  1. Did you know that Van Gogh didn’t start painting until he was 27 years old?  Maybe that gives hope to all of us late bloomers out there.
  2. Did you know that he produced his most famous painting while in an asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. He painted Starry Night while in this mental hospital.  (You can paint Starry Night with us on Friday.  Click here to register.)
  3. In just the ten years that he painted he produced about 900 oil paintings….some the most famous paintings in the world today.
  4. Van GOgh Red VineyardSome say none but other references say he sold just one painting in his lifetime.  It was called “The Red Vineyard”.
  5. His brother, Theo, supported him in his art providing supplies and encouragement was with Vincent when he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (Some sources say that he was shot by a village boy.) Theo reported that Vincent’s last words were  “the sadness will last forever.”

It’s hard to believe such a tortured soul produced so many beautiful works of art.  He painted flowers and landscapes like no other and mainly because he was so poor he couldn’t afford to pay models to sit for him.  We’re lucky he chose to paint.

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We have been following along with the group that created the film “Loving Vincent” for several years now and finally yesterday we SAW it!  It is an amazing film.  Many artists painted for several years to created the 65,000 painted frames that made up the film.  They painted 853 shots in the film.  They began by painting a scene on canvas and then continued to paint over it as each frame was shot in order to make the painting “move and come to life”.  WOW!

20171017_060008.jpgHere’s what their website says about the film:  “Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted film.  We painted over 65,000 frames on over 1,000 canvases. We shot the film with actors, and literally painted over it frame by frame. This is a very laborious and time-consuming process. It has taken us 4 years to develop the technique, and it took us over 2 years with a team of over 100 painters working at studios in the Polish cities of Gdansk and Wroclaw, and a studio in Athens to complete the film.
The reason we made the film is not because we want to be the first, or that we want to set any records, it is because we believe that you cannot truly tell Vincent’s story without his paintings, so we needed to bring his paintings to life.”

If you appreciate Van Gogh’s art you MUST go see the film.  Watching his paintings move…come to life is amazing.  For those in our area it is playing at The Avalon in DC, where we went yesterday to see it but it will be opening in Winchester at The Alamo on October 27th.  Go see it!  There is a lot of information on the production’s website.  Take a look.

(The photos above are an exterior shot of the Avalon Theatre on Connecticut Avenue in DC and the poster outside the door.  There is also a photo of the group from The Studio who went to see the film yesterday.  The final two photos are the ceiling inside the theatre at The Avalon and a shot of a advertising banner about Loving Vincent.)

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