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MeMaw, oil on canvas, 6″x6″.

This is MeMaw.  She showed up at Allen’s warehouse about 3 years ago with three little yellow kittens.  She was tiny and thin and, of course, Allen took them in and started feeding her and eventually the three boys as they got bigger.  They were wild but he spent time working with them and now they all are tame with him.  They have a good life at the warehouse with Allen.  This little painting was Allen’s birthday present. (You can see Bob, one of the yellow kittens all grown up here.)


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Happy Birthday Allen

Today is Allen’s birthday.  He treats his birthday as just another day.  We keep telling him that it is his special day and we should celebrate.  We want to celebrate all the things that makes him so special – his caring ways, his fun personality, his dry sense of humor, his love and caring for me and the dogs, his love for his cats (all 6 of them!).  He’s a good, good man and we are lucky to have him in our lives. 

So Happy Birthday Allen!  We love you!

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A Great Celebration

Yesterday afternoon we held the “Celebration of Dogs”, a grand opening event for our dog park.  There were well over 200 people and who knows how many dogs there!  It was great.  The marvelous vendors had great give-aways for everyone.  We got a whole tote bag full of goodies. 


And Mamie got a new stuffed toy to de-stuff!

It was a fun, fun afternoon!

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I’m thinking this morning of Truman and Jefferson, the two dogs that I had when I first wanted to build a dog park in our community.  Tru and Jeffie really needed space to run off the leash.  That is what got the whole thing started.  And today we are having a “Celebration of Dogs” at the new dog park as a grand opening event.  The  park has been officially open now for about 6 weeks and it’s a wonderful place for dogs to run and play and exercise. 

The three dogs I now have – Jed, Lincoln and Mamie – love it.  Their favorite time of the day is early morning when we go to the park for our exercise.  I know Jeffie and Truman would have loved it too!

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The Young Artist’s painted Fall in class yesterday.  The colors outside are so beautiful that we wanted to capture that on canvas.  And they did just that!  And a great job too.  Way to go guys!

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 Come to the Dog Park on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 5 p.m. for the “Celebration of Dogs”, the grand opening event for the park.  We will have over a dozen vendors with great give-aways for everyone who comes.  We will also have the dog park merchandise available – hats, fleece jackets and tote bags.  Be the first to get yours and help us add an agility course to the park.

Hope to see you there with your socialized dogs!

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Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to paint at Glen Manor Winery on the Browntown Road out from Front Royal.  It’s lovely out there. 

Painting on location, or en Plein Air, is different from any other kind of painting.  First you must have different equipment.  Then you have to narrow down the subject.  That is often the most difficult part for painters. 

And usually you get to a point, about 85% complete, where you have to stop and then complete the painting back in the studio. 

This is where I got with this piece yesterday.  Now I will work it a little more to finish it out.

And in the meantime I will think about lovely Glen Manor and try to find a time to return soon to paint another lovely scene.

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