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Ressie Jeffries 4th graders did a great job on their 175th Anniversary Painting.  Here are several of the students working on their paintings along with me and Susan helping them out.

Wow!  What a great painting the Ressie Jeffries students produced!

And here are the super students and volunteers that made this beautiful painting.  Good job everyone!


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The students at Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary School hard at work on their paintings.

Raymond and Julie do a great job painting the school portion of the collage.

Super job everyone! 

Doesn’t painting look like fun???!!!

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We painted in the morning at A.S. Rhodes.

And in the afternoon we painted at Hilda J. Barbour.

And TV-3 came to do a story about the Art Residency Project.  They did a great job with the story.  They interviewed several kids too and they were so adorable talking about their painting.   You can watch their interview by clicking here

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I gave the students an overview of the project and then they began painting.

We numbered the 16 – 12″x12″ canvases that made up the 4’x4′ painting.  The students drew numbers to see which canvas they got to paint.

My friend and student, Shelly, came to help the kids with their paintings. 

Kym Crump of the Blue Ridge Arts Council helped too!

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As I mentioned last week, the Blue Ridge Arts Council has asked me to present a visual arts residency in each of the five elementary schools in Warren County.  The residency will be conducted over the course of 4-consecutive days at each school.  The art teacher at each school selected 16 – 4th graders to participate.

Each student will complete a 12”x12” acrylic original, which will be grouped and framed together (collage) and permanently displayed at the school after being shown in various locations through July.

The week with the students begins with Doug Stanley, County Administrator, talking to them about the history of Warren County.  He explains why this area was settled and events of significance that have occurred.  This gives me a basis then to show them the sample painting and explain why we are painting the subjects that I’ve chosen:  the river, the mountains, transportation (train), wildlife, etc.

After I show them the sample painting, we discuss how to paint and how to mix color.  I review the color wheel, we talk about equipment – brushes, canvas, palettes, etc. 

So far the two groups I have worked with have been extremely interested in this.  Today I begin working with two more schools.  All this week I will share the progress of the first two schools.  It was exciting to see their finished products!

Many thanks to Kym Crump at the Arts Council for bringing me this project!

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The next step in the process for the Art Residency project was to start sketching out the different elements.  And then to paint. 

Here you can see the beginning of A. S. Rhodes Elementary school, the Gazebo, the entrance sign to Shenandoah National Park and a barn.  Look closely and you will see the Courthouse is sketched in as well.

And today I actually start the project with the kids at A.S. Rhodes Elementary and Hilda J. Barbour Elementary.  Can’t wait to meet the 16 kids at each school.  Hopefully they will be excited about painting and about the project.

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As if the “Bark for the Park” series wasn’t a big enough project for this year, I have started another one.  I am teaching an art residency at the five elementary schools here in Warren County.  We will be painting a piece to depict the 175th Anniversary of Warren County.  I’ve had to do quite a bit of research in order to tie the project into the History SOL’s for 4th grade as well as come up with interesting pictures for the kids to paint.  Over the next few days I will show the progress of the sample painting that I did.  Then, hopefully, I will be able to share the paintings that the kids finish.

The finished  painting will be 4’x4′.  Each of the 16 students selected at each school will paint one 12″x12″ panel.  In order to plan a layout, I laid out a paper drawing with 16 equal squares. 

Then I wrote in what I thought would work. 

After having the initial design idea in place, I prepared the actual canvas that I would paint the sample on and started laying in printouts of the ideas on the canvas to see if they would work together.  It was sort of like a puzzle.  Stay tuned for more….

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