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This new reality is difficult for most people….whether it’s because they are isolated with no human contact or whether it’s because they have been asked to sacrifice their livelihood to this pandemic. But for those of us who suffer from depression it is especially difficult.  I’m sure many, like me, keep their depression under control most of the time but this isn’t that time.  Depression is real…and rears it’s head at the worst possible times….like now.  We have to recognize it…and fight it with all we can.  Today I am fighting by trying to relax….and breathe. I’m keeping my hands and mind as busy as possible.  Lincoln and I took a long walk this morning and cut a few flowering limbs that we are enjoying sketching.  And they make a nice background view while we crochet a little too.  Here’s hoping all of you are coping with whatever you are dealing with today.  Stay healthy.

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