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please 2When we say we want to reopen our businesses to get the economy moving again please don’t respond that we don’t need to get the Stock Market going to make the rich richer. It’s not about the Stock Market. I don’t have any money in the Stock Market. I have money in a small business on Main Street in a small town in Virginia. I have money in my business. I have money in my house…that I would like to be able to keep. Businesses like mine are labeled as “non-essential” but what could be more essential than trying to make a living and feed our families and pay our bills. If we don’t reopen soon I will lose that business I have worked so hard to build. It appears that the SBA Small Business Loans and CAREs act moneys are not going to make it down to a little business like mine. It’s sad that those of us who are self-employed or have one or two employees and need the help the most are the ones who are going to suffer in this.  So when we reach out and say please, let us open as soon as possible….find a safe way to do it, don’t respond that by asking to reopen the economy we want to make the rich richer. We just want to make a living!

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