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I can’t remember when I have enjoyed something this much!  I don’t get to paint the things I like as often as I like these days as I am always working on projects for classes but this is a style I really LOVE!  And to learn from Angus…an artist whose work I love…has been a joy.  He makes it look easy….but trust me, it’s NOT!  But it is fun and I am learning so much.  Here is some of what I did yesterday…and after studying it last night I can’t wait to get there this morning and make a few changes.  That’s how we learn!


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I’m excited to be in Falmouth, Massachusetts painting at their Art Center with Angus Wilson.  His style is bold and fun…and his method interesting.  I am so glad to be learning directly from him.  We were given so much information yesterday and worked on sketching and developing color plans.  I worked on several designs.  This is the one that I plan to put on canvas today.  Can’t wait to get back to it!

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