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50 State Embroidery squares

50 State Embroidery squares

While making my quick monthly stop at a local thrift shop I ran across quite a treasure.  A large plastic zip lock bag was on a shelf where they display their sewing and crafting supplies.  The label said 50 states + state map…$15 and I could tell it was filled with fabric that was cut into squares.  I was in a rush and didn’t open it but curiosity got the best of me and I went back the next day and when I opened the bag I found these wonderful embroidered squares of each state.  And they are all completed!  The instruction sheet was even in the package where whoever did this wonderful work checked off each state as they completed it.   It is going to make a handsome quilt.

It got me to thinking about who may have done this.  Wonder what happened to them?  I made up a little story in my mind that it was some little old lady who passed away and her relatives cleaned out her house and sold all her crafts.  It makes me sad to think that all this hard work was discarded and not appreciated by her people.  There is easily several hundred hours in this project.

I have found other treasures like this over the last year or two – in particular a wonderful needlepoint framed piece of art and a Crewel framed piece. (I will try to photography them for tomorrow’s post.)  They are hanging on the wall of my bedroom and I will treasure them….and appreciate the creative people who made them.  And I plan to complete the “50 States” quilt to honor that someone who got such a great start on it.

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