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Dodgers Stadium Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is number 20 in the series of 30 Major League Ball Parks.  I’m 2/3rds of the way finished with the project.

Dodgers Stadium is known for it’s no gimmick and simple ball park design.

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Nancy Demonstrating Stage 2 in the process - Cow

Nancy Demonstrating Stage 2 in the process – Cow

Nancy's Cow after the 2nd Stage

Nancy’s Cow after the 2nd Stage

Nancy demonstrating a full body painting - Sheep

Nancy demonstrating a full body painting – Sheep

Nancy's Demo Sheep

Nancy’s Demo Sheep

My Donkey at Stage 2 in the Workshop

My Donkey at Stage 2 in the Workshop

I think the best thing an artist can do for themselves is to study artists whose art they admire.  Taking a workshop or class if it is available is a great way to hone skills and develop as an artist.

This weekend I got to do that with a wonderful animal artist, Nancy Bass.  Nancy’s art is beautifully expressive and has layer upon layer of color that makes the animal jump off the canvas.  You can see her captivating work here on her website.

Each day of the workshop Nancy demonstrated her unique process with the eleven artists in the class and then helped us individually as we attempted her technique.  Nancy works in layers so we had to work a drawing and under-painting the first day of the workshop.  Then the second day she showed us how she begins laying paint onto the subject and explained that she sometimes lets it dry and layers 4 or 5 times.  It is a process of patience.

It was an intensive weekend of painting…..and concentrating….and developing into better artists.  It was interesting to see the style and work of each artist in attendance and getting to know some new artist friends from around the state.

Thanks Nancy for sharing your talent with us!

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Nancy Bass, a wonderful animal artist, is teaching a two-day workshop at The Beverley Street Art School in Staunton.  Her technique is so different than the way I normally paint that it has been a real challenge.  This is part of a demonstration that Nancy did for us.

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On the Way


Loaded up and headed down I-81 to take an art workshop in Staunton.  So excited.  This is my birthday do-over weekend since I was sick that week.  WooHoo!

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John's 1st Painting!

John’s 1st Painting!

Katie's 1st Painting!

Katie’s 1st Painting!

Joy's Latest Paintings

Joy’s Latest Paintings

The students in my adult art classes are doing great work.  Some have been with me a couple of years and some are new students to my class.  We have a great time painting together.  And I like to share their finished work with everyone to see.  Here is the latest from the Thursday evening class.  Great job Joy, John and Katie!

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Donation to County Donation to County 2Back in April I posted about the Anniversary painting that I did with the elementary schools and that I had given the sample painting to the County to hang at the government center.  (Read more here.)  I said then that I would get some photos to post of how it turned out so while I was at the Center this week I snapped a couple of shots.

It hangs at the entry to the Planning office.  I am amazed at the number of people who tell me  they have seen it there.

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Animals Llama 5 Animals Llama 2 Animals Llama 8 Animals Llama 10There are very few days that I don’t actually paint.  Yesterday was one of them.  I spent the afternoon riding around the county taking photos of animals for an upcoming workshop that I will be attending on “Painting Animals”.  I’m very excited to be taking the workshop.  It’s my birthday do-over since I was sick on my birthday this year.  A good do-over, huh?!

These are some of the photos that I got yesterday.  A good friend was kind enough to let me come to his place and get some Llama shots.  I have been wanting to paint one so here is my chance.  Just look at that FACE!!!

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Paint the Parks LogoA few days ago I wrote about PaintTheParks, a group of artists who are painting parks around the world and giving a portion of their sales to support parks foundations.  I am continuing to build my PaintTheParks page and adding paintings I have already done of National, State, and local parks.  I hope to get out “en plein air” and paint a new one this week.  We are lucky to live at the northern entrance of the Shenandoah National Park, a real treasure in the national park system.  There are so many beautiful scenes there to paint.


Shen National Park Sign

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Kauffman Stadium Kansas City Royals

Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City Royals

Number 19 in the series of 30 is Kauffman Stadium – home of the Kansas City Royals.    The stadium is known for having the largest privately funded fountain in the world, a 322 foot fountain and waterfall on display before and after the game and in-between innings.

All the paintings in this series are acrylic on canvas measuring 18″x24″.

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Pat Paints Cows

Pat Paints Cows

Sam's first lesson painting

Sam’s first lesson painting

Kid's class paint florals

Kid’s class paint florals

Logan with the Lighthouse

Logan with the Lighthouse

Over the last few weeks I have been posting Art Camp student’s art and today I wanted to share my art class students latest works.  Several have finished some really nice paintings and I wanted to show them off.  Here is some of their most recent paintings:

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