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wordpress-logoWORDPRESS.COM PRESENTS  –  “Life of a Daily Painter”  2014 ANNUAL REPORT

I love the year-end Annual Report from WordPress about my blog.  They put together interesting tidbits to share to show the progress over the course of the year.

Interesting that I had exactly the same number of posts in 2014 that I did in 2013 – 352.  In 2014 there were 28,708 visitors with 69,724 views.  That is up from 21,916 visitors and 56,141 views in 2013.  That’s a pretty good increase.   Looking at the referring information it appears that Pinterest and Ravelry helped to increase the numbers coming to view my blog.

There were 608 pictures uploaded; that’s about 2 pictures per day.  The busiest day of the year was March 5th with 572 views.



The most popular post viewed that day was Fort Valley Cabin complete.

The longest writing streak was 76 days from June 1st through August 15th.  And my best day for posting was Monday with 52 total posts…that means I never missed a Monday last year!

Attractions in 2014

These are the posts that got the most views in 2014.

Some of my most popular posts were written before 2014. They say that means that my writing has staying power and I should consider writing about those topics again.  Interesting that they were the crochet patterns that I wrote out last year. Guess I will have to write out more patterns that I make up!  🙂

There were people from 144 countries who viewed my blog this year up from 137 in 2013.

And this year I went over 2000 posts – a number we plan to celebrate very soon.  Thanks so much for continuing to follow and support “Life of a Daily Painter”.

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