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Marsh Paintiing KellyAnother great day of painting on location at Hilton Head.  I discovered a really nice town park right on the marsh and set up there to paint about 8:15 a.m.  Boy, did it get hot fast this morning.  Not a lot of breeze blowing and within an hour I was burning up.  But I kept painting and got a nice little 9″x12″ oil painting completed.   I took photos at different stages so you could see how I work. 

I always take a reference photo in case I need to complete the painting in the studio…or in case I want to post it on the blog.  🙂Marsh Park Ref Photo

To start the painting I thin a dark color, ultramarine blue in this case, with turpentine and sketch the major shapes on the canvas.Marsh Painting 1

 After the basic shapes are sketched I start laying in the sky color and the darkest parts of the trees. 

Marsh Painting 3

I continue to work the colors in the trees and the reflections in the water.  I also add the background trees at the distance and start on the marsh reeds and the water.

Marsh Painting 6

Finally I complete the water and add the foreground reeds and grass.

Marsh Painting 8

I enjoy working on location even when it’s burning hot.  (Did I mention that it was really hot out there today???)  People often stop by to ask questions or just to watch and it’s always interesting to meet them.    And as usual, my paintings are available by emailing me for more information.  The paintings I did at Hilton Head this week are both oil on canvas panel, measuring 9″x12″, and are available framed for $225.  Contact me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

Marsh Painting 9 Complete

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