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A Great Book

I was asked recently by someone who paints as a hobby what one who paints for a living does for a hobby.  Good question.  One of the things I really enjoy when I am not painting is reading.  I read a lot actually, especially at night….trouble sleeping and all that.  Anyway, I thought I might share, from time to time, a really exceptional book just in case anyone else likes to read too.   

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The book I want to tell you about today is one that was recommended to me a year or so ago called Travels with Charley in Search of Amercia by John Steinbeck.  Yeah, I know.  That’s what I thought too…..sounds stuffy.  But trust me, it’s not.  I bought the book and laid it on my bedside table and it just waited there for over a year until finally I decided to try to muttle through it.  Boy was I surprised when I found that I couldn’t put it down. 

It’s all about a road trip that Steinbeck took in this specially made camper with his dog Charley.  He said he did it to get back in touch with America.  The amazing thing to me was that many of the problems that he discusses as he travels around are still some of the same ones we are dealing with today.  And he made this trip in 1960!

This is one of those books that you will be so amazed by that you will read passages aloud to friends.  I know, because that is what I kept doing.  Trust me, you’ll like this one whether you like dogs, you like travel, or just like a good story.  Pick it up and give it a spin.

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