Dot’s Home

wp-1587669867502.jpgMany thanks to my sweet friend, Dot, who commissioned me to create a painting of her home.  It’s a lovely place, especially in the spring.

wp-1587669950139.jpgMy friend, Kelly P., came in and painted the Steinlen Famous Painter that we had to postpone.  And she did an amazing job.  What fun!!!!

We have some wooden cutouts for sale at The Studio.  Check them out…there easy to paint and really cute.  Great for door hangers or to put as a wreath centerpiece.  Be creative!  Click here to purchase.

Just a reminder that there are many listings of art on our Square Store as well as gift certificates that you can purchase to help support this small business.  We are still waiting to hear if there will be more small business funding approved.  We didn’t get anything in the first round.  It’s tough right now…waiting to see if we even get any help at all.  So if you have enjoyed a class ever at The Studio we hope you will consider purchasing a gift certificate that you can use as soon as we begin offering classes and paint parties again….soon we hope.  Thanks for your support.


please 2When we say we want to reopen our businesses to get the economy moving again please don’t respond that we don’t need to get the Stock Market going to make the rich richer. It’s not about the Stock Market. I don’t have any money in the Stock Market. I have money in a small business on Main Street in a small town in Virginia. I have money in my business. I have money in my house…that I would like to be able to keep. Businesses like mine are labeled as “non-essential” but what could be more essential than trying to make a living and feed our families and pay our bills. If we don’t reopen soon I will lose that business I have worked so hard to build. It appears that the SBA Small Business Loans and CAREs act moneys are not going to make it down to a little business like mine. It’s sad that those of us who are self-employed or have one or two employees and need the help the most are the ones who are going to suffer in this.  So when we reach out and say please, let us open as soon as possible….find a safe way to do it, don’t respond that by asking to reopen the economy we want to make the rich richer. We just want to make a living!

Sweet Penny

Penny for Denise KJust finished the portrait of Penny, a sweet little Corgi that got to spend her final years in the lap of luxury with a wonderful person and animal lover. Thank goodness for the special people like Denise who will take in old dogs and love them until the end.

wp-1587233796631.jpgSo excited to get to do a private pet portrait session today.  They all did a marvelous job on these.  Amazing!  Thanks girls for a fun afternoon.