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The Greenhouse

GreenhouseHere is a little painting that I did last week.  The Greenhouse is an acrylic on canvas measuring 8″x10″.

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Another Peony

Peony 2

Peony 2

Here’s another peony.  They are still blooming.  :-)

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Pretty Peony

Peony 1

Peony 1

My FAVORITE flower is peonies.  I love how they look but I hate how we only get them about two weeks a year.  During the time they are blooming Allen brings me some almost everyday.  He has some beautiful growing at his place.

Yesterday I decided to try paint one every day while they are blooming.  Here is the first one.

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Dogwoods and Bluebells

Reference Photo Dogwood on Gold

Reference Photo Dogwood on Gold

A few weeks ago I posted about taking photos of the wonderful flowers we are seeing now both in nature and arrangements we have during this time of the year.  (Read that here.)  I got back to painting some of those recently.  I will have to wrap this one up soon as it is about 80% complete.

There is so much subject matter to paint at this time of the year.  Thank goodness we have a camera at hand at all times!

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Poppy Demo 1 - acrylic, 11 x 14

Poppy Demo 1 – acrylic, 11 x 14

Poppy Demo 2 - acrylic, 8"x10"

Poppy Demo 2 – acrylic, 8″x10″

Poppy Demo 3 - acrylic 16"x20"

Poppy Demo 3 – acrylic 16″x20″

Poppy Demo 4 - acrylic, 18"x24"

Poppy Demo 4 – acrylic, 18″x24″

When you teach art, especially if you have Paint Parties, you tend to paint the same subject matter more than once.

I often paint a sample that I can use when promoting the class/party.  And then I paint it again while teaching in the class/party.  And if it is a popular piece there may be more than one group that paints it.

That is the case with these poppies.  So far I have painted it at least 6 times.  Here are four versions with the size listed below.  This one has been particularly popular because it’s pretty and it is easy for people to be successful when painting it, even if they are painting for the first time!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers

Here are my Mother’s Day flowers. I have taken reference photos at several angles so I can paint them soon.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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"The Gardener"

“The Gardener”

“The Gardener” is the painting we will be doing at the next 1st Saturday Paint Party on June 6th.  I painted this sample piece in acrylic on 12″x12″ stretched canvas yesterday in preparation for it.  Hope you will join us.  Click here to register.

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