Day 1 of the Pioneers & Primitives Retreat was a great success.   We made candles, pick supplies for homemade potpourri,  made corn cob jelly, milked the cow and painted a lovely folk art painting.   What could be better than that?   Oh, I know…Day 2!  Stay tuned…..

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Back at Sassafras!


I am back at Sassafras Farm for the September Primitives and Pioneers Retreat.  Today we will milk the cow, make corn cob jelly, pick supplies for potpourri, paint a folk art painting and make taper candles.  Are you tired yet?
And that is just the first day.  I will get lots of photos to share tomorrow. That is if I am not too tired. 

Folk Art Sample

20140911_180937I worked on a sample painting in a “Folk Art” style for the Retreat that I am teaching at this weekend at Sassafras Farm.  We will be doing one canvas painting as well as a painting on a bucket!

Looking forward to meeting some new friends and having a fun weekend at the “Pioneers and Primitives” Retreat.

TVOR Demo Painting

TVOR Demonstration Painting

TVOR Demonstration Painting

Here is the painting that I did for the demonstration at The Village at Orchard Ridge on Tuesday night.   (See yesterday’s post.)

I worked in acrylic on an 18″x24″ canvas.  This was a one hour talk so I did not complete the painting but rather laid in the color and got a few details in so that they could see the process.  I will take some time soon to finish it up but for an hour I got a great deal done.

2014-09-10 05 34 1520140909_192713Last night I was invited to speak to a group at The Village at Orchard Ridge.  It’s a beautiful retirement community in Winchester.  I have been teaching art there every other week for a few months and just love the people.

The demonstration was scheduled to help some of the residents see just how easy it can be to start painting.  It was a nice evening with a good turn out and lots of great questions.  I am a firm believer that anyone who wants to learn to  paint can!  The only thing needed is the desire.  Classes are available in Front Royal on Wednesday and Thursday at The Studio.  Check out the calendar here and come join in the fun.

Yard Art-Totems

PinPicks Sept 3 PinPicks Sept 1 PinPicks Sept 2We made a different kind of art at The Studio last night.  Yard Art!  This is the second workshop we have had making Yard Totems from various pieces of glass and pottery.  What fun!  This is a great way to let your creativity flow.

Each month at The Studio-A Place for Learning (Click here for calendar of events) we are going to feature a different “Pinterest Pick” class.

To see some of the Totems from the first session click here.

Family Paint Party

20140907_195548I enjoyed working with a delightful family last night for a special family reunion Paint Party.  These ladies were so much fun and we laughed and painted and had a wonderful time.  The “Moonlight Over the Mountain” theme was to honor their grandmother who often sang that song to them.  What a special Paint Party!  Thanks girls for letting me be a part of it.