Coming through the Rye, 1902, Princeton University Art Museum

Coming through the Rye, 1902, Princeton University Art Museum

Happy Birthday to artist, sculpture and writer Frederic Remington.  His amazing work is familiar to us all.  Read more about him here.

20151002_101022-1While we were painting the Barn with Flag a few months ago at Paint Parties (see those here and here) I started working on this one as well.  I finally had some time at Open Studio yesterday to wrap it up.

I like the image of old barns with our flag hanging proudly.

All-American Barn, acrylic, 9″x12″, available for sale.


wpid-wp-1443784627668.jpgSophia asked to  paint a snake at her lesson this week.  We did!  But I told her it is the first and LAST time for snakes at The Studio.  ICK!

But she did a great job!


wpid-20150928_102455-1.jpg wpid-20150928_112023-1.jpg wpid-20150928_111942.jpg wpid-20150928_103743.jpg wpid-20150928_103419-1.jpg wpid-20150928_112807.jpg wpid-20150928_113348.jpg wpid-20150928_103936.jpg On my final day of vacation we went to the Natural History Museum.  I was pleasantly surprised by all the art that I saw there.  Of course, there was loads of interesting animals and artifacts but the backdrops of many of the displays included wonderful art.  Here are just a small sampling of the fabulous things that we saw on Monday.







Famous Painters Party - Van Gogh Sunflowers

Famous Painters Party – Van Gogh Sunflowers

The second Famous Painters Paint Party last night had us painting Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.  And boy did they turn out GREAT!  We all had such a fun time and these ladies went home with fabulous paintings.  The next Famous Painter Party is October 27th.  We’ll announce the painting we will do in a few days.  To see last month’s party click here.

Best of LogoI returned from my short vacation to NYC to find the Best of Winners announced.  Many thanks to everyone who voted for  me this year!  I am so thrilled to be named “Best Local Artist” for 2015.  BLA 2

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Tomorrow I will share more photos from the wonderful museums I visited while on vacation.  So much good stuff to share.)

An amazing exhibition of John Singer Sargeant ‘s portraits of friends, other artists, and family.  Many that I had not seen as they are in private collections.  Here are two nice and unusual ones.