Pumpkin Pie!


Pyper’s Pie


Kelly’s Pie

There is nothing like a good slice of Pumpkin Pie this time of the year.  Pyper did a great job painting one at class this week.  Great work girl!

Missing Mamie

Mamie PatrioticMamie with Boys 1 in WindowI can’t let the day pass without saying how much we miss our Miss  Mamie.  We lost her a  year ago and still miss her so much.  Love to you Mamie from me and your brothers.   We hope you have a toy pig to play with today!  (You can read more about her here.)

Giving Thanks

11828779_10205119460761261_9001183853342394374_nToday I am giving thanks for all the wonderful things in my life.  There are way to many to list.  Life is GOOD!

But I do want to make a point to say how thankful I am to have Allen, a wonderful partner, who has encouraged me on this adventure as a full-time artist.  His support has meant everything and there is no way I could have been successful without him.  And I am thankful that he loves the “Boys” as I do and comes to walk them when my knee is out.  :-)

And I am especially thankful this year for the wonderful, supportive and creative friends, both old and new, who have supported The Studio and made it a place of fun.  I love being at The Studio and am so, so grateful that you do too.

Many, many thanks on this Thanksgiving Day.


12299335_1052749538091851_4773032525122517321_nWe had our Famous Painters Party last night at The Studio.  Our painters recreated a beautiful Pissaro still life painting.  Great work ladies!

Our Famous Painter series is every 4th Tuesday at 6 pm.  We recreate a famous painting each time.  Join us!  The next might be Matisse.



Big Mama, Papa, Mama, Daddy, Granny and Pop at my parents wedding


Papa and Big Mama, Christmas 1983


Papa in his favorite chair eating cake


Big Mama and Papa  at their 50th Anniversary Party 

I have written many times about Big Mama who taught me crochet and gave me so many wonderful recipes but I haven’t said much about Papa, her husband.  Today would have been his birthday.

Papa, Ephriam Chancey, was a wonderful Christian man who loved his family and his church.  He was a carpenter.  He served as Sunday School Superintendent at Offerman Baptist Church as well as choir director for many years.

He loved to fish and he and Big Mama went on many fishing trips.  He had a quiet humor and was fun to be around.  He lost a leg to a blood clot later in life and one of the funniest stories we tell about Papa is about how much he loved sweets.  At any large gathering where a covered dish dinner was served (church socials, family reunions, large dinners) we often prepared a plate for him and brought it to him.  After the main course he would say to Big Mama, “How about some dessert?”  And she would bring it to him.  If Mama, Sister or  I asked if he needed anything he would say, “I haven’t had any dessert yet”.  And he said the same thing to anyone who walked by….often ending up with three or four different desserts…..which made him very happy.

Happy Birthday Papa!  Hope you are getting several servings of CAKE!


Grandmother’s Birthday Party with Poppies

This weekend we had three super Paint Parties at The Studio.

The first was a Birthday Paint Party for a Grandmother.  The family had loads of fun creating the O’Keeffe Poppy that she reqested.

12289761_1051380661562072_8098698297722658239_n12250039_1051380611562077_4325070856814957533_nThe next was our 3rd Saturday Pet Portrait Paint Party.  They all turned out so nice.  A few we didn’t photograph as we have some people painting gifts for the season.


Fall Trees

And the last was the Fall Tree Paint Party.  We had a large group for this one and they created some beautiful art.

Thanks everyone for supporting The Studio.

Kids with Redbird

Kids Paint Cardinals in Winter

VIA Abstract

VIA students paint Abstracts

There was lots of fun and great art work going on at The Studio this week with our kids classes.  Super!