CAM07541 CAM07547As promised here is the Cotton Hat crochet -2-.  This is a simple, basic pattern that can be changed easily using different stitches.  For example I have used a V-stitch on the main part of the hat on these before.  Feel free to change it up.

Also, I have added a “Crochet page” to my blog.  You will now see a tab at the top of the page that will take you to a tab that shows some of the crochet work I have done and many of them have patterns.  Thanks for asking for them.

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Mona_Lisa,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouchedBorn on April 15, 1452, Leonardo da Vinci was truly a “Renaissance” man.  Primarily known as a painter, he was also a mathematician,  sculptor,  scientist, musician, engineer, architect, writer, botanist and the list goes on.


Leonardo da Vinci’s Design for a Flying Machine

He painted the most famous portrait of all time, The Mona Lisa, as well as the most reproduced religious painting, The Last Supper.  There was a renewed interest in many of his drawings and inventions because of a book/movie released a few years ago – The Da Vinci Code.

He is an intriguing figure to study.  You can learn more about him here.

IMG_20140414_075357I had a customer suggest that I make some of the crocheted hats in cotton yarn for the summer.  Here is a start.  And I wrote the pattern out too. I will post it tomorrow along with the new Crochet page with other patterns.

Notice the variations in the three  hats shown here.  They all use the same pattern but using a different stitch for a couple of them.  It’s fun to play around with the pattern so feel free to do your own thing.

IMG_20140405_222838I got a good start on this Geranium sitting in the window sill this past week.  I haven’t been able to complete it yet but hopefully I will find some time in the next few days and then I can show you a finished painting.   For all my painting students – can you see what’s missing?  Maybe a shadow under the window ledge?  And some weathering on the walls.  Heavier shadowing on the window frame…..and on and on.  ;-)

Kids Paint Penguins

Kids Paint Penguins

Kids Paint Landscape with Old Barn

Kids Paint Landscape with Old Barn

I haven’t posted the kids work in the last few weeks so I wanted to catch up with them.  They are doing beautiful work (and learning something too)!  We have had a few new students join us.  If you have a young artist have them join us on Thursday afternoons at 4:15.

IMG_20140409_231502The next 1st Saturday Paint Party is May 3rd at 3 pm at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  We will be doing something a little different.  We will paint two small paintings – a coffee cup and a slice of pie.  Our paintings will be similar to these.  To register contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .

Play Ball!

Turner Field Atlanta Braves

Turner Field
Atlanta Braves

Baseball season has started and this year it feels really strange not to be painting the MLB parks like I was doing last year all during the season.  My Kickstarter project – Painted Diamonds was a lot of fun but kept me busy for 6 months painting those parks.  (Read all about it and see the paintings here.)

If you have a favorite team you can check the Painted Diamonds page to see if that painting is still available or order a print of your favorite field.